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Are you one of the people who likes including daytrips in your journey? If your answer is yes, you will experience one of the best ones in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can arrange it before you come there or you may find a local tour agency in Bascarsi area. You will see many tour agency locations which say they are official, but the official ones are highlighted on a green label. Anyway, whether it is official or not, it is not a huge problem. You can also ask your hotel reception if you are a group of 3-4.

You can arrange tours starting from 40 EUR, but be sure to check which places are included in it. Kravice which is one of the highlights during your journey is not included in many day trips. Just tell the guide places you want to see and ask for a price. If you want to experience Mostar during night, they are flexible to arrange your plan accordingly. I really find it not interesting, but you can also ask to include Neum town in your journey. This is the place where Bosnia has only access to sea.

So let’s continue with my experience…..



Our trip started early in the morning. It took almost 1 hour to reach our first stop: Konjic. It is one of the oldest locations in Bosnia. The small town is located on Neretva River. The most famous architecture is Konjic Bridge which was once destroyed by Germany army and then rebuilt with the help of Turkish government. Small mosques you see around the bridge make you feel like you are visiting one of the villages in Anatolia.



Next stop after 30 minutes was Jablanica. Only 10,000 people live here but there is an interesting story. There were many bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but they were all destroyed because of German army. I preferred to use “of German army” instead of “by German army”. Yugoslav partizans felt it was a war they could never win, that’s why they have destroyed to slow down German army.

In 1969, they reconstructed one of the bridges for a movie. Unfortunately, during the production of movie, the bridge was destroyed again by accident. What producers want to shot became real, but it was so real that most of the scenes could not be used in the movie and same scene had to be shot once more in a studio, because there was no bridge anymore. This story was shared us by our guide. This is one of the stories I hope it is not correct!



Next stop was Mostar. It is the most touristic place in Bosnia. Most people skip Sarajevo and directly head to Mostar. I really don’t know why. It is very crowded and I find no sense to stay there. Of course the bridge is one of the amazing bridges in the world, but still I will prefer staying in Sarajevo instead of Mostar if I visit again. You will see crazy people jumping from bridge. They ask for money and once they collect certain amount of money, they jump into the river.

Other popular spots in Mostar are Muslibegovića kuća, Koski Mehmed Pasha džamija and Bišćevića kuća. Kuca means house and džamija means mosque in Bosnian language. Same souvenir shops with higher rates are sold in Mostar. It may be a good stop for you to enjoy your lunch or you can wait for your next stop.

You can check my Mostar post if you are interested reaching here not being part of a daytrip…



Have you heard the meaning of “Dervish”? These are people who follow the mystical tradition in Islam religion and make people follow them. Place where dervish people meet together is called “tekke”. I really hate visiting religious places, but apart from this this area also offers you amazing view. If you skip Mostar for having your lunch, this is your best stop for having lunch.



This place is just 30 km located outside Mostar. Not many people stop here, but view from the top is really fascinating. There is also a castle where you can visit. If the weather is hot or if you don’t find the energy for hiking to top, you may skip this spot. It will take 20 minutes for you to reach top.



Kravice was our last stop in our long day trip – probably my longest day trip-. It is a place for waterfalls. Similar place is also located in Croatia, so it may not be satisfying enough for the people who visit similar places, but if you are a first time visitor, you will be really surprised of what you see. You only feel the nature there. Nothing less, nothing more. For people who want to be more close to falls, you can ask for renting a wooden boat and spend more time.

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Kravice will be most far away location from Sarajevo on your day trip. It will take you around 3-4 hours for returning back to Sarajevo. I was there on the first day of Ramadan, so I am not sure whether restaurants are also open in other days of the year. I was lucky enough to visit one more “Buregdžinica” in Sarajevo….


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