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Eze Village is a very small village in French Riviera region. This is a typical French village where you will enjoy your time by wandering in narrow streets. There are many villages, but Eze is the most touristic one. This is probably because it is the highest seaside village offering amazing panoramic views. Most people think Eze Village will be a day-trip from Nice. It mostly depends how long you will stay and what you want to do, but in general 3-4 hours is probably the average time spent by tourists in Eze.

When you reach top of the village, you have a chance to visit Jardin Exotique. If you ask me what I should do and where I should visit, the answer is just wander the streets. There are no specific attractions. You will be seeing many souvenir shops, little restaurants and cafes while wandering.

How to reach

Most people confuse Eze Village with Eze-Sur-Mer. When you are in France and if you see “sur-mer”, it means beach side. Considering Eze Village is one of the highest areas in French Riviera, they are completely different places. You can still reach Eze Village by walking from beach side, but probably it may become your worst experience under sun.

If you want to reach Eze Village Bus 82 and Bus 112 are your two options if you are coming from Nice. There are other bus and train options but they go to Eze-Sur-Mer. Unfortunately, schedules are not too often, so expect to stand in your journey. There is an excellent tourist office in front of Nice main train station. On your arrival day, you may take schedules for relevant bus options.

Bus departures are from “Gare Routière Nice Côte d’Azur” which corresponds to Vauban station. That station will be probably little far away where you stay, but it will be still easy to reach there.T1 tram line which passes through train station, Avenue Jean Medecin, Place Massena also goes to Vauban. Same ticket you buy for tram will be also valid for going to Eze (tickets are valid 75 minutes after you first use it)

  • Bus 82 – Vauban – Plateau de la Justice
  • Bus 83 – Plage / Beaulieu – Eze Village – Plateau de la Justice
  • Bus 112 – Nice – Beausoleil

Most probably, Eze won’t take your lot of time. So, you may consider to combine your Eze Village with another destination. Most tourists first visit Eze in the morning and then continue Monaco with Bus 112. Another option may be combining with Beaulieu-sur-mer. This place is another small on the beach side where you can swimming. So, it is up to whether you want to go there first or second. Bus 83 connects Beaulieu with Eze village.