Thailand is the first country I have traveled outside Europe. So, everything during my trip was something new for me. I have spent more than 3 weeks in Thailand and 3 weeks was not even enough. Both positive and negative sides are more visible in Thailand than any other country in Europe. There are some unique things you can do to make your trip cheaper: Always bargain! If you want to complete your journey, be safe if you plan to rent a car or bike.


Thai food was completely new for me, however even if you don’t like it, you will always find a place to eat something. So, really don’t trust people who says it would be hard for someone to find food in Thailand. Enjoying your lunch or dinner in popular street markets will be more enjoyable, but if you can not eat it, you don’t have to worry about. 7-Eleven’s -which are just 5 min walking distance wherever you are- will be always nearby for your urgent needs.


In Thailand, you will be trying different modes of transportation from tuk-tuks to songthaews. Every city in Thailand has different modes of transportation, so be sure to check each city post you may find below.


First thing which you should be careful when making your Thailand plan is checking the best months to go there. Most of the year, the climate is tropical and humid. This means it is possible to face with heavy rain and storms from April to October especially in the southern region. When I say southern region, all the popular beach places such as Phuket are Koh Samui are included. Heavy rains and storms are for short period; however most of the islands require 1-2 hours travel by a speed boat from the main island -yes, Phuket itself is an island too-. So, if you go in the wrong season, it may end up with seeing no islands at all.


Second thing you should decide about what you really want to do. If you decide on this, locations and how long to stay there can be decided easily. So far, I have visited Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Chiang Mai. I had a chance to make day trip to Ayutthaya (old capital where you will find historic temples) and Kanchanaburi (mainly popular with Kwai bridge) from Bangkok. Visiting Chiang Rai and Golden Triangle is also another popular day trip if you are staying in Chiang Mai. You should first decide whether they should be in your list and then decide whether they should be in your list just for a day trip or for a longer stay there…


Many people told me Thailand should be the first choice for people who have not visited any countries in Asia. I strongly support this arguement. However, this is correct just because Thailand is very touristic. So, if you are not looking for something like that, Thailand may be not a good choice for you…