After having a 3 week Thailand experience, Philippines was my second target. Compared to Thailand, it was less touristic during the time I visit. It is also less developed compared to many locations in Thailand. This brings you some advantages and disadvantages which you may find detailed information in each post.


The first step to make your Philippines plan is to decide where you want to go. The most popular locations are El Nido, Coron, Boracay and Cebu. 2-3 weeks will give you sufficient time to visit them all. Boracay is the most crowded one and it is becoming like Phuket. El Nido and Coron are close to each other and they are mostly mentioned under Palawan title. Cebu is another good spot, but what differentiates is its nature. Unlike El Nido, Coron and Boracay, Cebu is less prefferred for beach option. So, if you are into beach options I recommend you to choose between El Nido-Coron and Boracay options.


We had some time constraints and we are also in the mood to explore some different places, so I leave Cebu and Boracay for my next trip to Philippines. El Nido and Coron were in our target and we tried to do everything could to explore more.


Your travel will probably start from Manila, so check my Manila post even if you are not interested in visiting Manila. If you prefer El Nido and Coron options as I did, here you will find plenty of information to have a better experience.


Hopefully, I will find time to visit Cebu and Boracay as soon as possible….