Are you planning to visit in Italy? Have you decided how long will be your trip? Italy is the most flexible country to have a holiday. If you have 2 days, there are many places to have quick escapes. If you have 10 days, you can visit 2-3 cities and discover many places. If you have 1 month, it is still possible to arrange an unforgettable holiday. And the best thing is that it won’t be your last visit to Italy. You will see and hear different locations in Italy and want to visit those places.

If it is your first time visiting Italy, you should first decide where to start with. Flying some cities may be the cheapest, but considering you will spend same money just for pizza during your holiday, I don’t recommend you to focus on flight ticket prices. If there is a tour saying “Big Italy”, “Traditional Italy” as its title, it will probably include Rome, Florence, and Venice. Most of them will also include Milan, Como and Napoli. 10 days will be only enough to go Rome, Florence and Venice. If you are planning to go 6-7 nights for this kind of tour, please don’t. Just choose what you really want to go and focus on them. Going 6 days for Rome-Florence on your first trip and going another 6 days for Milan-Venice will be a better option.

Another best thing about Italy is day trips. You can find lots of places to go as a day trip. Probably, Rome will be the only place where you won’t find day trip options. In Venice, Verona can be a good choice. In Milan, Como and Genoa can be your best options. In Florence, Pisa and Siena are the most preferred options for a day trip.
Italian Liguria is also the second most preferred holiday packages in Italy. Popular places like Portofino and Cinque Terre are located in that region. If you want a flexible holiday which you do not want to run from one location to another, 6-7 days will be enough. You can check my Italian Liguria post for detailed information.
Third popular destinations are Amalfi and Sorrento. They are both close to Napoli. So, it may be better to leave a week for Napoli, Amalfi and Sorrento. It may sound a longer holiday just for these three destinations, but don’t forget Capri Island and historical Pompei will be in your list.

Catania and Palermo are on another island which is worth visiting. Although Malta is another country, you may also consider combining your Catania-Palermo trip with Malta. Sardegna is also another island popular with its beaches. People who visit all these locations will love how Italian people live, so you will start to look for new places to go. Therefore, Italy will be always in your list…

You can check my each city post in Italy post series and have an overview about what to do. After deciding where to start and continue, you may also check my “one month in Italy” post to see how exactly it will look like when you add different regions and cities in your Italy trip. Then it is up to you to add or remove places to go based on your time and budget constraints…