My first journey to Germany started surprisingly. My friends just found a very cheap flight to Cologne for 3 days and I couldn’t reject that offer. Just in 3 days, I love many things about Germany. As a shopping addicted person, I found everything which I was looking for a long time.

My next trip includes visiting Munich and Berlin. The only reason was my curiousity in visiting Legoland in Günzburg which is very close to Munich. In 6 days, I went back to my childhood days once again.

Then, I saw some amazing pictures of Christmas markets in Germany. This made me to visit Munich once again, and then continue with Leipzig, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Bremen. Some of them were daytrips from other countries such as Czech Republic and some of them includes daytrips such as visiting Neuschwanstein Castle.

Germany is the country where I have most experience about it. It helped me to learn many things. I started explroing my home country very late, so at certain point, probably I have visited more cities in Germany compared to my home country.