France is the first country I have visited outside my home. That’s why I always say it began with Paris. Although Disneyland was the main reason at that time for visiting France, now France has many reasons for me to visit every year. 15 years later, I have visited Disneyland Paris again and it was the most emotional day of my life.

French Riviera or Côte d’Azur in French is one of the most popular area coming after Paris. It is not clear which cities are exactly in French Riviera, but  you may consider St Tropez as the most western part of region. If you have time, Marseille can be combined with your French Riviera trip.

Strasbourg and Colmar are the other must go tourist destinations in France which are close to either Stuttgart in Germany or Basel in Switzerland.  Althouh Germany and Czech Republic are the most popular countries for Christmas markets, these little French villages offer you the same experience. Don’t forget, the region is called as Alsace region.

In general, it was the one of easiest countries to travel within the country. SNCF main railway company offers you easy and updated information on your mobile device. Every city has also its own public transportation application -RATP in Paris- which will change your experience in that city…