Bosnia Herzegovina

When you ask someone to count Balkan countries, many people may give you different list. Some people will put Greece, Croatia and Slovenia in the list and some others will not. However, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania will be always on everybody’s list. After visiting an enjoyable trip in Bulgaria and Romania in Balkan Peninsula, I decided to visit other countries in the region and start with Bosnia and Herzegovina. My grand grand grandfather was from Bosnia and Herzegovina and he was one of the reasons I was born in Turkey.


Most people leave one or two full weeks to travel Balkans at once, however I never preferred to try that way. First reason was my prior experience in Bulgaria and Romania. It is really unknown how much time you will spend crossing borders and each country in Balkan Peninsula almost has different currency. Each country is worth visiting 3-4 days, so I decided to visit each country in Balkan as 1-2 days extended weekend trip.


I flied early on Saturday morning and returned back late at night on Monday evening. 3 days was really good enough. I spend my 1.5 days in Sarajevo but the highlight of my journey was the day trip which also includes visiting Mostar. Some people prefer staying also in Mostar but I really find not attractive to change hotels for a quick escape…